Preventing Burglaries with Home Alarm Systems

Burglary crime - burglar opening a door 183991278Home alarm systems are one of home automation’s best ways of preventing burglaries. And why is that? How does a home alarm system prevent someone from wanting to break into your home? Does it actually work that way? Knowing the home security business, we can assure you that it does! An alarm system is an excellent way to stop burglars from entering your home – or at least, stop them in their tracks before they’re able to take anything of value.

Imagine this: You’re a less than savory type of individual who likes to relieve people of their possessions from time to time. No harm, no foul, right? And you’ve never been caught, so that must mean you’re pretty good. Or that nobody cares about home security. And the time has come where you need to work another home, whether that’s because you’re getting tight on funds again, or maybe you’re just bored. So you come to a new neighborhood and take a look around at the homes. They all look like they’re in pretty good condition, which means you’ll have to be careful – people who take care of their property are more likely to know when it’s gone missing, and they’re more likely to be protecting it in the first place. Then, sure enough, that house you’ve been eyeing – you notice they have a sign out front that says ADT, or maybe it says Protection One. Dang, you realize…That means that the second I bust open that window in the back, the whole place is gonna be ringing with alarms and flashing lights. I’m not getting out of there with anything. And so you leave, disappointed…but you’re smart enough to know when not to enter a job.

Okay, so maybe that scenario is a little hard for you to imagine as a homeowner. But it happens! Home alarm systems can actually prevent strangers from even attempting to burglarize your home. However, what about if they attempt to break in anyway? What can home alarm systems do then?

Vector red circle icon. Eps10 462307749Instead of leaving when they see a sign, some criminals will see it as a challenge – Can I still work the home and get away with it? So they’ll make a plan and come in anyway. Perhaps they’ll come in while you’re at home and work it as quietly as they can in hopes that you won’t hear. But even if they do that, your system can still warn you – You can have it set so that anytime someone opens an electronic door lock, or anytime someone goes through the garage, you are notified with an alert on your smartphone. And if they instead choose to come in at night or when you’re gone, and the alarm system goes off, your monitoring service will immediately dispatch the police to come over, and there’s still a good chance they’ll get caught. Home alarm systems have saved many homes in the past this way.

Home alarm systems are the most common kind of home security for a reason. And that reason is because they actually work. Trust your home alarm system to save you a headache and a whole lot of trouble, because that’s exactly what it’ll do for you every day.