How a Wireless Security Camera System Works

590268_41992492You’ve decided to install a wireless security camera system for your home, but you’re not exactly sure how it works. Or maybe you have an idea, but you’d like to know more. No problem – we’ll help you figure out what you need to know. First we’ll explain how a wireless security camera system works as compared to a wired system, and then we’ll tell you a bit more about how wireless security cameras can be a good choice for home security systems.

Wired vs. Wireless Security Camera System

If you had chosen to install a wired security camera system, here’s what you would have had to do. To start, you would have had to decide whether or not you want to work with the power lines you already have installed for your home, which can save money but is limiting for where you can actually put your security devices. If you had decided against that and wanted to go with installing a wired system, then you would have had to pay professionals to come in and install new Cat 5 wiring throughout your home – an expensive and time-taking process that you probably don’t want to deal with.

Instead, you chose to go with a wireless security camera system – definitely a smart choice. Going wireless means that if you want to, you don’t even have to ask professionals to come install the system for you. You can do it yourself, however you want to. There aren’t wires to hook it up to because it’s already connected wirelessly to your WiFi or other home network connection. It saves you money and it saves you the stress of dealing with other people messing with your walls and wiring (even if they’re professionals, it’s still your property!). Of course, there are still things that have to be plugged in – unless your cameras are all battery powered, you’ll still have to plug them into wall sockets or get them power somehow. But that’s a whole lot easier than hooking them up to both the wall for electricity and the wiring for the security system.

So, Why Else Choose Wireless?

There are even more reasons why going with a wireless security camera system is a smart choice. For starters, if the system is wireless, someone attempting to break in can’t try to stop the alarms from going off by cutting a cord. There are no cords to cut. cell-174426932Additionally, wireless means that you can be connected to it remotely. Your system will automatically be set up so that you’re connected to it with your laptop or tablet or smartphone while at home. But you can also have it set up to automatically connect to your wireless security camera system remotely, whether you’re at work across town or on vacation across the country. You can view remotely what your video cameras view at your home, even live streaming as well as recordings from previous events. And as long as there is a place to plug in the camera, you can put them practically anywhere you desire.

Choosing a wireless security camera system may not be for everyone, but for everyone who chooses to work with it, it’ll probably turn out to be the best decision ever made for their home security.