Home Security Sensors – Your Eyes and Ears

Home security sensors are your eyes and ears – or an extension of your eyes and ears – that can pay attention to every entrance to your home. You own your home, or you have a mortgage on your home, or you are renting it. Whatever the case may be, it is your property and your personal space that you want to take good care of. You’d like to keep an eye on it so that it’s never violated by someone attempting to break in.Young and Old 467414421 Unfortunately, we human beings were only built with two eyes to see and two ears to hear, and they can’t even extend from where they are stuck on our bodies. This is not to belittle the wondrous nature of the human body, but only to point out that we simply aren’t built to be everywhere at once. But if you could find ways to extend your eyes and ears, if it meant being able to protect your home, you would do it. And that is what security sensors are for.

Take, for example, the water sensor. This isn’t even a normal home security device – at least, not normal in the sense that it protects against intruders. Water security sensors protect against disasters such as flooding. Now, you could sit down in your basement all day and keep an eye on your hot water heater to make sure that it doesn’t bust and flood the basement. Or you could sit down there and stare at your pipes, quickly looking back and forth to be ready to catch the first sign of damage. But when there are so many other things for you to be paying attention to, what’s the point in that? Instead, position a water sensor down there, and it will be your eyes and will let you know if there’s ever a problem with the water heater flooding or pipes flooding.

All the other security sensors also function as your eyes and ears. A glass break sensor can’t actually see when someone breaks a window to enter your home illegally, but it’s able to “hear” it by detecting the frequency and sensation of the glass breaking. Installing a door sensor or window sensor on every door and window into your home puts you at every single entrance to your home, because they’re watching the home for you and noting whenever someone enters. Garage door alarms are there to remind you when you’ve forgotten to close the garage door – an easy thing to see, sure, if you’re in your garage or standing in the street in front of your home. But when you’re not there, no matter how big the garage door is, you can’t see that you’ve left the door wide open with free access to your property. But a security sensor can see it for you. Combination Smoke and CO Alarm 147083364The fire alarm security sensors spaced about your home are there to see smoke or fire that you can’t see when you’re not there, because you simply can’t be in every room of your house at every minute of every day. And the carbon monoxide detector is even more than your eyes and ears – we can’t see or hear or smell carbon monoxide, but these security sensors can, and they can warn us of the danger when we couldn’t even warn ourselves. How amazing is it that technology has become so advanced that it can even keep us safe from dangers that we can’t detect on our own and don’t know when they’re coming?

Home security is incredible, what with security sensors like these to keep you and yours safe from harm. Using devices and sensors as a part of your home security system will allow you to be fully aware of what is happening in and around your dwelling without you having to try to be everywhere all at once. And that is a huge blessing.